Are men often willing to wait till marriage before having sex?

It is very popular in today’s world that most young men are not willing to wait till marriage before they have sex. Is it the same thing with you?

Many of us do it because we are just too greedy. Take what you want now or leave it forever. Others had bad exposure, moving with friends that lured them into it. Some who don’t actually feel like having sex till marriage regret it later in life as they grow up. And the action of premarital sex means for most who indulge in it that they won’t be loyal to wives or husbands in the future when they get finally get married.

Men who don’t want to have sex with their girlfriends are sometimes often seen as weak or not romantic. However, it is good to note as well that even though you start out life in promiscuity, you can still be faithful to your spouse in the future.

However, for the unmarried men, the best is not to have sex till they’re married