ARMECO – Arewa Metal Containers Ltd: Sustaining industrial entrepreneurs in Nigeria

In the bid to make Nigeria one of the biggest industrial nations in the world, we need to acknowledge the support of individual companies that are keeping industry giants on their toes. One such company, ARMECO, which is an acronym for Arewa Metal Containers Ltd, was created in 1968 by joint entrepreneurship efforts for steel fabrication in Nigeria. Throughout the years, Armeco has been the leading steel fabrication company for industrialists in the haulage business because most of the tanker containers on the highway have been built by Armeco.

The uniqueness of the company stems from its own people and processes. Armeco prides itself on the support of skilled artisans, competent enough to work anywhere in the world, having the ability to design and meet international quality required by ISO, seeing that the company itself is ISO certified. Armeco has been making sure that it deals with only registered professionals and will continue to do so in order to meet customers’ demands. Special attention is paid upon cost, time and safety.

Because Armeco is highly rated, the company is able to market its products worldwide. Armeco has been known to be a global player, always in compliance with international standards, which makes the company attractive to other global players, who in turn approach Armeco for partnerships.

Clients of Armeco are mainly from the private sector because the management seeks to be creative by paying due attention to the other end of the market, though its clients also include commercialized segments of government. Practically, most oil & gas companies have worked with Armeco and the company’s activities span across all states of the federation.