AY Became famous by copying Rev. Chris Okotie

In an interview with Vanguard Newspapers, the popular comedian Ayo Makun revealed a whole lot about his life but the most striking thing was that he came to limelight by mimicking Rev. Okotie.

By 2006, he was known as the best upcoming comedian in Nigeria. Not that he is really that funny because I think his fame and talent shows more when he combines minds.


He has been a positive influence on many young people in Nigeria, especially in the comedy industry. Many Nigerians would love to see him as the most creative comedian in Nigeria and I think it this is true. His famous show ‘AY Live’ is still one of the most interesting comedy shows in Nigeria. He also owns Corporate World entertainment, Nigeria; the name seems to occur from the award he won in his university days.

He also directs and acts in AY’s Crib. Some great comedians have seen the limelight through him.