Bayern Munich: Driving sports with business strategies

In December 2013, Lovers of Champions League Draw were anticipating who the winner of the Cup would be. 16 football clubs were qualified and out of them were Bayern Munich. In that same year, the club were named the most influential football club in Germany.

During the 2012/13 season, the club won all their matches in the Bundesliga and lost just one game. All that, despite a check in the club’s spending culture. They have not been known as big spenders as
their counterparts in the U.K are known.

This club is home to some very popular players like Franck Ribery, whose performance at the present time is highly rated. If he can only add a little more to his playing form, he could be rated as high as
Messi or Ronaldo. Other influential players of Bayern Munich are Philipp Lahm and Thomas Muller.

Perhaps, not spending much on buying players made Bayern rich. Other top clubs in Europe are only surviving because they retain the clout to be able to buy players each season. For a club to succeed, they need the right players, especially in a situation where football as a sport is getting more competitive every day.

Apart from that, Bayern Munich is relevant to Germany’s socio-economic climate. It is believed that about 95 percent of Germans know the football club intimately and about 13 million people are fans of the club in Germany. This includes about 150,000 club members.

Talk about Central and Eastern Europe, Bayern Munich becomes even more popular than Manchester United or Real Madrid. It seems that if we look at it from the business perspective, Bayern Munich is the most successful football club from a for last season going on this season, though some cynics say the club is winning the war but losing the battle.

Just recently, the Bayern Munich opened another office in Manhattan, USA and straight away, Julian Green was named on the American-side of the club in an effort to boost the influence of the club in the USA. The USA branch is known as FC Bayern Munich LLC, which opened office
in April but did not actually start business till end of July 2014. The club did not mince words about their objectives and intentions: To increase the demographics of their fan base, strengthen the position of the brand, product and philosophy in the U.S market. Interestingly, Bayern Munich is one of the very few football clubs in Europe to think of stamping their feet in the U.S.

In the long run, the club will be looking at not just United States of America but also China. I guess this is in a bid to go to where the crowds are. China is the most populated country in the world and the United States is very populated too. Bayern Munich see this move as strategic, requiring long-term planning; a goal that will only succeed through sustainability. The club revealed that it berthed in America not just for marketing purposes but for communication purposes. It will be interesting to make the Bundesliga felt strongly by a handful of fans in the United States of America.

At the present time, Bayern Munich enjoys a lot of benefits from sponsors, customers, club members and bankers. The primary Bayern Munich Bank, Hypovereinsbanks, involved in promoting football sporting business through the use of varied financial products, said that dealing with Bayern Munich for years has shown the truthful side of Bayern’s business ethics. But as a football club that polarise fans anytime any day, Bayern’s marketing and communications strategies may reach farther than pundits can even foresee.




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