Bloggers, is banner advertising for you?

A quick word about banner advertising online.

Now, some internet marketers or bloggers don’t believe in banner advertising. They say that text-link advertising is excellent. That may be true, but for internet marketers, all forms of advertising are just as okay. But why is Google clamping down on text-link advertising?

You want to try as many as possible ways of advertising because the more you advertise, the more you get seen.
Many companies are not advertising so that they can sell. Most of the time, they advertise to get the needed exposure for their brands.

So if you’re thinking about advertising online, find below the reasons why banner ads are okay for your business.

Banner advertising checklist

1. Regardless of what they say, and regardless of the measure of click-thru rates, banner ads still create a favourable impression and attitude toward the ad due to repeated exposure.

2. Banner ads online are still more effective than TV, or outdoor ads.

3. Both video and banner display ads are known as tangible ways to increase web traffic.
4. Regardless of what they say, if banner advertising doesn’t work, popularity of banners online would have decreased greatly.



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