Dangerous lifestyles that lead to infertility in men

For all those men that have fertility problems, whether married or not, here are some things to take note if you want to change that situation for the better.

1. Your testicles temperature needs to be at 34.5 degrees C to be healthy. They produce the best quality sperm in this cool environment.

2. Resign from working in a hot environment if you and your wife are trying to have a baby. Work places such as a bakery, foundry, or factory, have been known to lead to a drop in sperm production.

3. Stop using a heated waterbed and electric blankets because they could lead to increased testicle temperature.

4. Don’t use your laptop on your laps or drive for long periods as these have been suggested to lead to infertility but that fact is not proved yet.

5. Don’t use tight underwear because these also raise your testicles temperature. Most studies however, shows that this doesn’t affect fertility rates in any way.

These precautions, when properly taken, can lead to better fertility rates in men.