How FOCI helps to forestall collapse of buildings in Nigeria

Federation of Construction Industry (FOCI)
Federation of Construction Industry (FOCI) is responsible for coordinating construction companies in Nigeria. For example, FOCI can help Nigeria get free from the trouble of building collapse if clients make sure that the construction company they choose to carry out their projects is a member of FOCI.

Federation of Construction Industry investigates managerial capability before inducting member companies into its fold. FOCI makes sure that new members have been certified okay by at least three existing members of FOCI. This move helps to ensure that new members play by FOCI’s rules all the time. Fortunately, no member of FOCI has been involved in building of collapsed buildings.

So, the onus is on the Federal and State governments to ensure that the bidding process go in the right direction. Bidding processes always require that companies submit such things as Tax Clearance documents, evidence of having PENCOM, etc, so if government requires that companies must be members of FOCI, many problems will be solved.

Other construction problems that can hardly be found among FOCI’s members are; the taking up of inflated jobs, project abandonment, just to name a few.

FOCI’s members are always Nigerian construction firms who have carved a niche for themselves. They take pride in showing that they are able to take on a wide variety of projects and to show the general public and stakeholders that they are able to perform as well as expatriates.

FOCI, at the present time; encourages members to display their strengths when it comes to handling small jobs that are specialized. These could includes, plumbing, or wiring new buildings, laying foundations for new edifices, etc.

FOCI is an employer group for the construction industry. The Association advocates for member companies so that they can operate within the construction laws and requirements. This helps to make sure that small constructions firms are even compliant, because like the big firms, they too are required to play by the rules.