KAM Industries Ltd: The Leader in Manufacturing of Building Materials

Kam Industries started in the late 90s as a buying and selling company, operating in the construction industry. The company is solely dealing with the construction industry in Nigeria by supplying building materials of high quality, which are able to meet industry standards worldwide. The founder of Kam began his foray into the manufacturing of building materials by travelling from Nigeria to multiple countries, making the research needed to begin manufacturing products for the construction industry in Nigeria.               

The drive to make Kam work was spurned by the vision of the Managing Director, who witnessed the collapse of many manufacturing companies in Nigeria. His 2-month stay in abroad sharpened his perspective of making products and tools better for construction companies in Nigeria.
Kam, which has about 3,000 workers today, who directly and indirectly work to see that the company thrives – is in full support of the Federal Government’s effort to lessen poverty and unemployment in Nigeria. That’s why the management has always encouraged schools from primary level to tertiary level to send their students to Kam in order to learn about current skills needed to provide building infrastructure for Nigerians now and also for posterity.
Challenges surmounted by Kam over the years are high costs of transporting raw materials over Nigerian roads, high cost of production, and high costs of transporting finished products to clients. In spite of these, Kam is a powerful evidence that more indigenous machine manufacturers must spring up in Nigeria.