Model meals for those looking for daily sustainable body energy

If you think that all those foods ending with ‘ose’ (Sucrose, glucose, etc) are the reliable sources of energy, you’re oh, so wrong. in the long run, they get you bogged down. 

Look at the picture above and formulate your daily meal along what you see in there for energy. When I say energy, I mean reliable body energy.

So for today, if you’re reading this post early in the morning, what will your breakfast be like? 

Let’s say scrambled eggs, wheatmeal, fruits such as banana, or strawberries, etc on fruits.

What will lunch be like?

Whole grain roll, vegetables, plenty of them. Take your pick from such things as carrots and tomatoes, salad dressing will also do.

Count on it, you got enough energy to last through the rest of the day, if you pick your meal like these.