Nigerians travelling to France BEWARE! The most dangerous city in France

The good people of Nigeria love speaking the French language. I can say that in fact, French is the next most widely spoken language in Nigeria, as anyone from any ethnic tribe can say a greeting to you in the French language, while a few of them may not be able to say a greeting to you in their mother tongue.

So, it goes that for people who love to speak French, they will also love to travel to France. However, those who want to do so must know that the big city of Marseille in France has been reputed to be the most dangerous in Europe. Google it up now as you’re in Nigeria and you’ll see what other people have written about that place.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t travel there. Make sure you walk around with care and don’t stay out late. Among other issues, the place has a problem with racism, drugs and unemployment.