The 5 types of Nigerian women that make their lovers or husbands run mad

If you’ve never been in a lot of relationships, you still don’t know the world. Not that I’m telling you to go and have a lot of relationships with several women because if you do, heart attack may kill you soon, so if you love life like I do, just live it like I do.

Now, if you want to avoid untimely death, here are the different types of women you should not pray of falling in love with; not to talk about getting married to;

1. The one that raises her head above her shoulders.  She is usually a career women who thinks that giving birth and taking care of toddlers is a shameful thing. She hates homework too.

2. The one that keeps telling you indirectly, your bank account is no longer safe if you marry me. These ones will always want to eat with you at Magrellos, want you to do TGIF at Grotto, like you to order pizza every afternoon, when she knows that you’re just a gate man trying to keep your head above water in Ikoyi…

3. The one that has no time to see you but is always asking you to send money. You’ve been thinking about it for a long time but now you’ve decided to start calling her ‘Miss Busy’. But she doesn’t wanna hear rit!

4. She keeps her cash in the bank and keeps running after yours relentlessly. Even when she needs to buy soap, she calls you on the phone and tells you to the internet transfer even though the network is bad.

5. She double or triple dates. She sees it as a business venture for now. Let the boys fall over themselves to die at her feet. She doesn’t care and gatz no love for any of these ‘hopeless’ boys. In the end, if she decides to marry, she will marry the ‘Highest Bidder.’