The Best Protective Gear for Baseball Players

Whether you play baseball professionally, or if you are on a small community team, it is important to have the rightprotective gear. Without protective gear, not only will you be less safe, but you will also enjoy the game less. When it comes down to it, you will need an array of protective gear if you plan on playing baseball. Not only is the ball incredibly hard and dangerous, but wood and metal bats can also cause damage. This means that your head, face, shins and groin need to be protected at all times. If you are a catcher, you will need a whole different set of protective gear. Here is some of the best protective gear for baseball players.
  1. Helmet. A helmet is critical if you are at bat or if you are a catcher. Just like Golme sells great soccer practice goals, you want to find another sports retailer that can provide you with some quality helmets. The last thing you want is to catch a line drive with your head – a hard ball traveling at 80 to 90 miles per hour could cause some significant damage.
  2. Cup. Not only can line drives result in a head injury – they can also result in a serious groin injury. This is why you want to wear a cup – no matter what position you play in. A cup is usually worn in a jockstrap. The cup is made out of a thick protective fiberglass and it will prevent the shock from a hard baseball from doing too much damage. Before you play, you want to make sure that your cup is fixed and not loose, because you don’t want it to cause chaffing.

  3. Chest pad. If you are a catcher, you will need a chest pad – there is no way around it. In regulation baseball – in both the minor and big leagues – catchers are required to wear chest pads and guards because they are in a direct line with the ball. A hard baseball can cause significant damage to the chest. When it comes down to it, a chest pad may just save your life.
  4. Teeth guard. A teeth guard isn’t necessarily required, but you may want to wear one – just to protect your teeth from errant balls. There have been countless times where baseball players have caught fly balls with their mouth and wound up in emergency dental surgery. You can usually go online to purchase a dental guard – they are made out of a thick plastic and they will provide a cushion for your teeth while you are playing the game.
  5. Elbow and shin pads. Shin pads are incredibly important, because as you slide into a base, you want to protect your shin bones. Moreover, you want to protect your elbows for the same reason. The last thing you want is to slide on your elbows – this could cause some pretty significant injuries. In the end, you can usually wear these guards comfortably under your uniform.



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