The most popular car brands in Nigeria 2014

Nigerians Love flashy things. When it comes to cars the story is the same. The most popular car in Nigeria today is Toyota. Nigerians love to buy Toyota brands because of reliability and durability, not because they love flashy cars.
Do you have a Toyota car or are you planning to have one? Here are the reasons why Toyota cars are the bomb!.
1. It is easy to drive Toyota cars on Nigerian roads than many other cars.
2. Toyota cars are fuel efficient.
3. The over-all safety score of Toyota cars are known to be very high.
4. Toyota cars are easy to maintain.
5. Each new brand comes with a satisfactory comfi and design that suits car-loving Nigerians.
6. Toyota cars possess energy-absorbing steering wheels.
7. You can service your Toyota car anywhere in Nigeria as there are available spare parts anywhere in Nigerian markets.
8. Toyota cars are viewed as affordable for most Nigerians who want match price with quality.
Of course, there also some reasons why you shouldn’t buy a Toyota car. Let’s leave those for another day.



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