The Revival of Ajaokuta Steel Complex

So many negative remarks have been made about the famous Ajaokuta Steel Complex, yet, it suffice today to say that the complex is about to be revived. Ajaokuta Steel Complex, which has over the years gone through many processes of change, and also gone through many phases, is about to go through a major change process, which will make the steel complex garner adulation from millions of Nigerians.
The complex, which was built with the support of Russians more than 20 years ago, sits on massive space of land. The plant was about 98% finished in 1994 but the Russians left due to lack of external infrastructure. Transportation of materials was difficult. The building of rail lines would have been the solution to the problem, but the government at the time was over-thrown and the project came to an abrupt end. This is the main reason why the steel complex has not been commission for 20 years.
Today, Ajaokuta Steel Complex boasts of myriads of equipments which are altogether not obsolete. The equipment are test-run by dedicated staff who are very nationalistic and patriotic and view their jobs as a very serious assignment. 
It turns out however, that no tools or equipment is worn out or damaged because the staff are taking care of these equipment as if the complex is still in its hay-days.
The Federal government have spent millions of dollars to revive the steel complex, yet more money will be spent to fully revive the complex in a short while. 
The management believes that federal government is fully committed, seeing that without steel production, vision 20:2020 can’t be realised. However, one requirement stands: Stakeholders, government, and other investors must strive to complete the external infrastructure.
Private public partnerships will even ensure that the process of reviving Ajaokuta Steel Complex is rapid. Right now, they are fired and working around the clock to beat the deadline.