Why you should not have sex!

The following story is very reasonable for Nigerian youths who can’t zip up.

I am a 30-year-old and I haven’t had sex since I was born until now. I have kissed a girl before but we didn’t have sex.

The reason that I don’t have sex is the same reason you shouldn’t have sex.

1. You must realize that sex is not the most important thing in life. You need to pursue your goals.

2. Stop following after unreasonable people who believe that sex is everything. Sex is not everything.

3. Be scared of AIDS and other deadly STDs. Don’t be a victim.

4. Don’t put your trust in condoms They don’t prevent STDs 100%. Don’t waste your money on it.

5. Remember, pre-marital sex is a sin. You don’t want God to kill you!

6. Avoid giving life to a child out of wed-lock. If you’re not ready to father a child, stay away from sex. Don’t impregnate a girl and tell her to go and kill the child.

7. Not having pre-marital sex has no disadvantage on your marriage. In fact, it means that you can stay faithful to your spouse.