5 Helpful Tips for the Home Plumber

Thanks to a lot of household websites, there are all kinds of things that you can learn to do inside of your home yourself – things that will make it unnecessary to hire a professional. The key is to make sure that you have the right equipment and that you thoroughly read all of the instructions so that you can get the kind of results that you’re looking for.

So what if you’re looking for some simple DIY plumbing tips? If that’s the case, it’s a good thing that you’re reading this article. And over the course of the next couple of minutes, you’re going to be provided with five helpful ways to handle minor plumbing issues in your home – ways that will save you time and especially money.

Make your own homemade plumbing solutions. Although there are a lot of commercial plumbing de-cloggers that you can purchase at your local drug or grocery store, being that a lot of them contain harsh and toxic chemicals, consider making some of your own instead. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar or even a pot of boiling water is great on just about any clogged drain or pipe that you may have. For the baking soda and vinegar solution, mix one part of each and pour it down the drain. After 2-3 minutes, pour some warm water down it as well.
Use a wet-dry vacuum on your drains. A clogged bathroom drain is definitely not uncommon. The main reason why is because over time, hair tends to get trapped inside of it. You can prevent this from becoming a major issue by using a wet-dry vacuum on your bathroom drains. Simply put on an attachment and place it directly over the drain. It will pull out the hair so that water can start to flow freely again.
Try a magnet to find pipes. If you’re having some plumbing problems and you feel that it might be due to a pipe that is somewhere underneath your flooring, one way that you can locate the pipes that you can’t see is with the help of a magnet. All you have to do is attach a neodymium magnet to some electric fish tape and put it down one of your pipes until you locate the pipe with the problem. You can purchase a neodymium magnet at your local home improvement store.
Fix leaks with plumbing joints. If you were to ask a professional who works for a plumbing company like Northeast Plumbing & Mechanical about what you should do if your pipes are leaking, one thing that they might recommend is that you invest in some plumbing joints. They are an inexpensive and effective way to fix dripping pipes. For tips on how to properly use plumbing joints, visit Family Handyman and put “stop leaks in plumbing joints” in the search field.
Insulate pipes during the winter season. When temperatures drop below freezing, sometimes pipes can prevent water from coming to your faucets or worse, they can crack. One way to prevent either of these things from happening is by insulating your pipes before the winter season arrives. You can do so by first purchasing some foam or fiberglass and then going to the website DIY Network for tips on how to insulate your pipes.