A quick note about Padson Industries Ltd

Founded in 1977, Padson Industries Ltd has evolved into whatever it needs to stay in business. From a small firm that was involved in trading, operating in buying and selling of furniture and building materials, the company went on to become a supplier of particle boards and plywood in the 80s.

However, seeing that raw materials were not available to cater to plywood needs, the company evolved into the importation from Japan of the used engines, popularly known as tokunbo. Later, it began to import motorcycles from China, with assembly line in Ilorin. Now, the company is integrated into the assembly line of automobiles.

Staying in business has meant having faith in God, faith based on what God has already laid out for his people in the Bible. Secondly, the large population in Nigeria helps the company to stay afloat. With advertising, the company has been able to have branches all over Nigeria.