Can ibuprofen drug help elongate human life?

That’s what some health experts claim regarding the daily usage of Ibuprofen, a painkiller.

The health experts claim that they’ve used the drug on yeast, worms and flies were able to achieve amazing results that helped to extend the lifespan of the worms, flies and even yeast.

It was also claimed that it helped to make them look healthier.

These researchers believe that since the dosage were appropriate to the organisms, once the appropriate dosage is given to humans, it would have the same effects.

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Ibuprofen: good for killing pain, but can upset your stomach In fact, there’s a recent report in Daily Mirror that claims the taking of ibuprofen each day can give a human an exciting one dozen years extension.

Mean while there’s another report that claims that using ibuprofen is not actually able to prolong life of humans because humans are complex organisms. They claim that even the dosage on the male flies had different effects, which means that the drug may not be expected to have the same effects in humans.

However, this report shows that ibuprofen may not be able to actually extend human life as claimed in the Science Daily report.