Travel: Hart is the best place to live in the UK – Find out why

Hartley Wintney
If you’re travelling to the United Kingdom from Nigeria, you probably never heard of a place called Hart.
Hart District has been called the best place to live in the UK for the fourth time in years. If you’re travelling, please note. The place scored highly in areas of health and life expectancy, weather, employment, low crime rate and broadband internet.

So be sure to check the place out if you’re travelling to the UK anytime from now.

People in the area are reported to be happier, more contented with life than their surrounding areas, from which Hart received heavy competition. As a plus, the people who live in Hart believe that what they do in life is worthwhile and they are often found to be less anxious about how their lives will turn out.

In addition to that, Hart is found to have about 97 percent of its people reporting good or fairly good health. Surely a good place to travel to.