How Shyos Nigeria Ltd leads steel construction industry in Nigeria

Shyos Nigeria Ltd was founded in 1977 by Alhaji Shamshudeen Ogundare, an expert who already had comprehensive knowledge of steel construction works in its various forms. From working with various companies, he built a solid portfolio that enabled him to gather the right team when the time came for him to start his own company.

Shyos Nigeria Ltd is known for dealing with individuals and corporate bodies, delivering various projects as it operates in Nigeria. Part of the operations of the company include the construction of mobile trailer tanks for several petroleum companies. Raw materials are gotten from Nigeria, while those such as steel or other fittings are imported. Yet, with the experience gained by working with expatriates in the past, the company is able to fulfill the dreams of clients in good faith.

Today, just as it is for most companies in Nigeria, funding continues to be a challenge for the company, since banks often ask for collateral. Banking and insurance processes in Nigeria are the same and these processes are not business-friendly, hence a big challenge for industrialists.
Engineering is spectacular and more capital intensive. So, it is possible that young people in Nigeria may not find it attractive. But they should embrace it because it is pertinent for infrastructural growth and for uplifting the lives of Nigerians. Youths only need to hone their skills and begin modestly. Soon they can attain to greater heights in the field.