Laughing gas as remedy for depression

Can you believe it? A new study claims that laughing gas can b used to treat depression. If this is true, then this type of medicine is succeeding where traditional medicines fail. Laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide improved depression symptoms in about two-thirds of patients studied.

Laughing gas is the same stuff that dentists often give their patients for teeth treatment procedures. Since laughing gas is able to reach the brain in seconds, it is found to be very effective. In about two hours, patients’ conditions can be seen to improve.
Another drug, ketamin, which is effective as well, but since it is injected cannot work as fast as laughing gas, is a second remedy. Secondly, laughing gas is painless when admitting it to patients who fear the pain that comes from injections.

Finally, those who administer or use the laughing gas as remedy for depression should be very careful when doing so because it can kill.



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