Madonna’s Rebel Heart album leaks online

Madonna just dropped six new songs ahead of the normal schedule because she was upset that early versions had leaked online. Now the new songs that are supposed to be released month ahead are now in stores!

The new songs are going to be part of songs in her new album slated for March 2015, Rebel heart promises to sway fans hearts.

The already leaked songs are incomplete, so the star hopes to give her fans the complete tracks when the album arrives. Madonna says she wants her fans to view the leaked songs as a Christmas gift.

The new songs are like relief to her fans after about three years of silence. Her latest album MDNA was released in 2012. That album was accompanied by a prolonged musical world tour that generated some controversy because she raised her voice on some controversial issues such as gun control and gay rights. Anyway, she garnered more than $300 million from the world tour.