Strategic Marketing Is Always Profitable

The special finance industry must always use targeted marketing methods to be successful. This industry does not need to approach individuals with top-notch credit; they need to find those who are in need of rebuilding their credit. One of the most effective ways to do this is through direct mail bankruptcy marketing.

Targeted Marketing Improves Results

In the past, special finance companies that wished to target people who have recently had a bankruptcy discharged had to wait for a bulk mailing until they had enough people to make the minimum quota for the marketing company. In some cases, this would be a minimum of 1,000 names and could take weeks or months to gather that many names, making marketing less effective.

Now, many new marketing companies like can start target marketing for you regardless of the size of the bulk mailing. These companies only target newly listed bankruptcies each week, and they will mail your advertisements promptly so you can reach these potential clients first.

Business strategy always dictates that being the first company to reach a new client has the best chance for successfully gaining their business. Special finance companies cannot sit around and wait to gather names to reach a quota; they need to be the first in line to reach new potential clients.