Want to buy tyre for your car? Learn how to track a tyre’s age

If you’re motorist, you want ot make sure that you know the age of the trye you’re buying, whether fairly used or newly bought. As most motorists or tyre sellers do, they depend on the physical look to predict the age of tyres. Others simply invite vulcanizers to do press-up to know if its okay or not.

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If your newly bought tyre seems to be okay, don’t be deceived. Some tyres are old but they look new. But you should know that your tyre must be only 6 years for it to be discarded. Even if your tyre is quality branded, the rule remains the same.

So how do you determine the age of your tyre?
Simply look at the sidewall of your tyre and check for letters; either a 3-digit or 4-digit number without any alphabet attached to it. They are usually found with ‘DOT’ which I take to be ‘Date Of Tyre’.
Tyre age
That is the code for the date of the tyre. You must decode it to get your answer. If it’s a 3-digit number, look for a small tringle sign attached to it. A 3-digit number without that triangle shows that the tyre was manufactured in the ’80s. The two numbers to the left tells you the week in the year that the tyre was manufactured. The last number tells you the year it was manufactured in the ’80s.

With what has been said, you now know that it’s wrong for you to purchase a new tyre and wrongly think that it’s just a few weeks or months old. Your new tyre could have been made in the 1980s!