What you should know when buying stuff online from Nigeria

 It sounds easy for people in Nigeria to buy goods from abroad and ship those to Nigeria. Sometimes, electronic goods can be bought on the cheap side from online stores, some of them in China. You just have to place the order and wait for a few days for your order to arrive.

Remember that there may be hidden charges involved and these charges depend on which country the product is coming from and which country it is going to. Secondly, the charges may also be based on what type of product they are. For example, you could send a camera from post office in America to Nigeria with only $10, but sending a laptop or TV is a different ballgame altogether.
Surprisingly, you may even need to pay at the point where you receive your goods. This is why there are e-retailers that offer Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) terms that can let you know in advance all the costs attached to your consignment, no matter how big or small they may be. Remember also that there are some restrictions or regulations that governs the process of importation. I mentioned camera earlier.

Do you know that the new camera you buy, maybe from Amazon, or elsewhere on the internet, cannot come into Nigeria with the batteries that come with it? Some of the products that you can’t import or has import limitations placed on them are flammable liquids, some perfumes, certain foods, ammunition, or animal by-products If you need to have more information about the product you want to import and there’s not enough information on their website, just e-mail them so that you can be on the safer side when it comes to cost of delivering your goods.

Another challenge faced by people who import from Nigeria is the inability to track their goods. Google Adsense publishers in Nigeria often face this problem if they are receiving their check by standard delivery mail. For two months, if the check doesn’t arrive, they will not be able to track their mail. It can also happen to any other kind of import, except if you’ve taken up a premium courier delivery option.

If you regularly use drop-shipping websites, be careful. Stick to the one that has been working for you. Sometimes, because of costs and other associated challenges, people from Nigeria change their drop-shipping options, only to fall into the hands of scammers.

These are the preliminary steps you can take if you want to start buying goods from abroad. Take it from here, and you will learn more in the buying and receiving process.



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