Why you should own iPad Air 2

I think the nicest thing about iPad Air 2 is that it is so thin yet so marvelous. The Apple statement says it’s ‘so capable, you won’t want to put it down. So thin and light, you won’t have to.’

Consider this: This is a product that is very useful and yet sometimes you may feel that it’s not there at all.

Check out iPad Air 2 specifications; 9.7 Inche Display. 2048×1536 Resolution (can you beat that?), 3.1 Million Pixels, 264 Pixels per inch

9.7 Inch display

2048×1536 Resolution

3.1 Million pixels

264 Pixels per inch Further, if you’re the type that loves to fill up your laptop and then it starts to hang, the following reasons are enough for you to consider switching over to iPad Air 2:

64-bit Architecture

2.5x Faster Graphics

40% Faster CPU

10 Hour Battery