Why you should pick up the $6000 Lamborghini smartphone

People are falling in love with the new 88 Tauri from Torino Lamborghini smartphone.

Here are some reasons why:

1. They need something unique to show off how special they are.It is said that only about 1,947 of these smartphones will be made so it’s hard for someone on your street to have it, except you live in Hollywood.

2. It costs $6000, a price that most people will not even be able to afford. So if you want to impress your new girlfriend, this is the kind of smartphone you should be using.

3. If you want your selfie to be the smartest in the world, then you should get Torino Lamborghini smartphones. It gives you the selfie edge that you never dreamed of.

4. Lastly, users! Don’t ever think that this watch brand has ANYTHING to do with the auto company of the same name.