Will you buy Mario Gotze’s World Cup boots for $1.6M?

As you can see in the picture below, Mario Gotze is a lefty. And him, being part of the triumphant train that won the 2014 Brazil World Cup, is regarded as one of the ‘shining lights’.

Look on his left leg and see the boots that worked wonders for Germany!

Gotze's World Cup-winning boot raises £1.6 million for charity

In July, this year, Gotze’s left foot volley flew past Sergio Romero in extra-time in Rio de Janiero to make Germany earn the greatest football prize for the fourth time in history.
Now, that boot has sold for a staggering 1.6m pounds at a charity auction.

Even Mario Gotze himself was bemused that the boot could sell for that much, but said it’s a good thing, since the sale was for charity.