AIM Consultants: Merging engineering and architectural projects for clients’ satisfaction in Nigeria

AIM Group Nig

AIM Consultants is a 90% engineering and 10% architectural firm, with a zest for transforming engineering technology and architectural designs for the future. The firm is constantly reviewing design methods and structure pertaining to some of the projects on hand in Nigeria.

AIM Consultants believes in transformation; whether of roads, in agriculture, or in general infrastructure and especially in projects that are not yet seen because they have not been given the desired attention. AIM Consultants’ clients trust the firm to deliver as promised because the company is known for an excellent track record of handling major engineering projects in Nigeria.

One such notable project is the proposed design & construction of Abuja Technology Village, which is supposed to be a future Silicon Valley in Nigeria. The location cited is most fitting because it is aptly different, a place of research, with a completely different ambience. In like manner, the transformation of Lagos into a real city of excellence is also well desired, since the present state of infrastructure in Lagos is still below the requirement for a city of excellence when considered globally.