ARMECO: Expansion drive and the importation of new equipment

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For Armeco, expansion drive has meant the importation of new equipment to support upgrade in producing finished products. The Bank of Industry can provide more funds for corporate bodies to be empowered so that these processes can enable Nigerian companies compete favourably with foreign counterparts.

The issue of health, safety and environment is a paramount one for ARMECO. It is an integral part of business development. There are proper procedures for monitoring visitors and staff. Topmost on the rule of ARMECO is the instruction often given to visitors about safety procedures especially when they visit sites where projects are being carried on.

Yet, one spectacular aspect of ARMECO’s operations are partnerships with multi-national companies in Nigeria. At the present time, ARMECO builds tanks and other equipment for telecoms, oil and gass, and other sectors. The firm is ever ready to tap into the automotive industry as another avenue of increasing its tentacles to other parts of the Nigerian economy.