God’s Will: What business continuity means

Business continuity

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For God’s Will, project management have always been accomplished by qualified capable staff that work tirelessly without strict guidance from the Managing Director. The members of staff have a free hand to prove how equipped and efficient they are in managing projects.

Health and safety includes instructing, equipping them with tools and items such as safety boots, fire extinguishers, gloves, and other tools to protect themselves from workplace dangers. There’s a standby healthcare institution fully in operation for managing health crisis. Safety of staff is most important to the management, wherever members of staff work.

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Continuity is also important. It means that the company and the nation will continue. So, skills most be passed on to the coming generations. Without skills, educational degrees are nothing, because without skills production in the country will almost be impossible. Technicians in Nigeria must be accorded due respect because they are skilled experts.



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