How alcohol drinking affects asthma

Do you know that alcohol can sometimes trigger asthma? Maybe it can’t cause asthma from the beginning but some who already have asthma find that it gets worse whenever they drink any kind of alcohol. Others may simply have symptoms. It is suggested that it could be due to the additives used in preparing the alcohol, not the alcohol itself.
The actual additive that may affect the asthmatic patient is known as sulphites. They can be found in other foods as well. Vinegar, dried fruit, some restaurant salads may contain sulphites.

What you can do
The best safeguard is to have your inhaler with you at all times because you can’t be sure what will actually trigger your next attack. No matter what you’re drinking in the name of wine or beer, just get your inhaler close by.
Also remember that when you drink too much alcohol you could get anxious or depressed, which might have a negative impact on how you look after the asthma attack.

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