How to save money when you buy on Amazon

If you don’t k can keep track now how to use Amazon or you’ve not tried a lot of other alternative routes on Amazon, you won’t know how to purchase things cheaper on their website.
Here are few tips on how to save every time you purchase on Amazon.
1.    Make use of wishlist.
By making use of wishlist, you keep track of items you want to buy in the future. Keeping track of these products help you to see how price changes from time to time.

2.    Subscribe on Amazon.
By subscribing to Amazon e-mail, you get information on the latest products and also get information on price changes. Amazon can send daily mails as to what’s hot in the market.
3.    Use Amazon coupons.
It is possible to make a Google search on Amazon products you want to buy by typing the name of the product on Google search page and adding ‘coupon’ to it.

There are many ways for you to save money when you buy products from Amazon. We’ve just streamlined three above and we think these are good ways to start.

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