Nigerian Foundries Ltd: Paving the way for Nigeria infrastructure

In 1969, two men started a company in Nigeria. The principle partner, who had already naturalized had a shoe-making company but then he thought that the future of Nigeria lies in foundry. So, he created a company that came to be known as Nigerian Foundries.

Starting as a small backyard company, castings for water pipelines started to be made. The company continued to grow throughout the years and began to make parts for cement plants, parts for mineral processing plants and more. But in 2014, a shift in paradigm has meant that the company gains accreditation to partner with companies in the oil and gas sub-sector, all in the name of local content.

Local content requires that industries and manufacturing companies need support of consumers. Local content means that companies that produce locally must have their products equally purchased locally, not giving the opportunity for foreign products to overshadow made-in-Nigeria products.