OLAIYA METAL WORKS: Fabricating metals in Nigeria

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Olaiya Metal Works was founded in the year 1985 in Kaduna but later moved to Kwara in the year 2000 but was incorporated in 2003. The project that meant a lot to the management of Olaiya Metal Works is the Kwara Mall, on which the company handled the iron works of the roofing area. No other metal fabricating company was invited other than Olaiya Metal Works.

A major challenge facing the metal fabricating industries is lack of gas. However, the management has been so willing to invest more on metal resources for business growth.

 Paramount is the need for young people to understand that the metal fabricating industry is able to support the Nigerian economy as no construction work worldwide excludes the use of metals. In Nigeria, only about 35% of metal is produced. The rest is imported, which often lead to local companies purchasing metal at high costs.