Padson Industries Ltd

Founded in 1977, Padson Industries Ltd has evolved into whatever it needs to stay in business. From a small firm that was involved in trading, buying and selling of furniture and building materials, the company went on to become a supplier of particle boards and plywood in the 80s. However, seeing that raw materials were not available to cater to plywood needs, the company evolved into the importation from Japan, of used engines, known as tokunbo engines.

Later, it went into importing motorcycles from China, with an assembly line in Ilorin, Kwara State. At the prsent time, works are in progress regarding the integration of the company into an automobile assembly line.

Faith in God has enabled the company to stay afloat doing business in Nigeria. The founders of the company believe that the future of the company is laid out in what God has promised his people as outlined in the Bible. The large population in Nigeria also helps the company to branch out, spreading its tent over all Nigeria.

In addition to that, support is needed from Federal and State Governments for growth in this industry, seeing that banks often ask for 100 percent collateral. However, not having enough fund cripples new and existing businesses.