Why Lionel Messi may want to leave Barca

Quiet, unassuming, and sometimes portraying an unknowable disposition, there are a few reasons why Lionel Messimay be interested in seeking pastures green. Does he actually need to contemplate a better sporting future, well, yes! Some of his fans may exclaim.
Last year, some his fans openly voiced their opinion, that Messi will earn more than Cristiano Ronaldo. As you know, many football fans love to create comparisons between the two football demi-gods. We’ve seen so many pictures of Messi merged with Ronaldo, seeking to compare who the greatest player really is. But I don’t think Messi is really a kind of person who would pursue his financial aims with both eyes closed.
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A few weeks ago, I also wrote an article about both players and how they may be taking fans’ analysis with a pinch of salt. We really can’t tell whether behind the hullabaloo, the two men have cordial ways with each other.

Now to the issue on hand, let’s take a look at some facts about Messi’s football career. In May 2014, he signed a contract with Barcelona FC that ought to make him the highest paid footballer worldwide. The deal was for $27 million per year.
Back then with more than $40 million in endorsements, it was understandable why Messi’s fans expected that by now, he will be the highest paid soccer player in the world. However, he has been referred to as being one of the most private players in sport history. Of course, he lives a better life, in a nice house, drove a $200,000 car around, and there is actually more to his life that we don’t know.
In 2014, by midyear, Messi was earning $21.5 million in endorsements. Of course, he has endorsements from brands such as Adidas, reportedly paying him $4 million per year, apart from other deals with Gillette, Samsung, Gatorade, and a slew of other companies, which we still can’t guarantee that he will continue to work with in 2015.
However, with all the expectations that his fans had, he’s still the second highest-paid soccer player only behind Ronaldo. Who says Messi may not seek an even better life? No doubt, he’s having some problems at his club, some of which may have arisen because of undue familiarity.
Meanwhile, last year, it was postulated that he was so precious to Barca that if they are to sell him, the club to buy him would have to pay up to $340 million buy-out. But is it really true that Messi is that precious to Barcelona? There’s probably more to what is seen on the surface. It could be that Messi is tired of seeing the same boring faces in his club. Even if he is a god to his fans, his bosses may not see him as such, with the latest restriction to the bench he had.
Although there are only a few signs that he is that rich, since he maintains a low profile, not actually living like a guy that makes up to all that money in a year, his troubles and concerns in his current club may be enough reasons to look for a better life somewhere.
But will Messi survive life of soccer outside Barcelona FC? Many say yes, while some say no. Some Chelsea fans are not even ready to welcome him at their club. Others think that he will under-perform once he leaves Barca for another club. It is even said that he may be unable to cope with living outside the walls of Spain.
So where are the latest reports about the plausible move of the player going to lead? Only time can actually tell what will happen. But he either stays or leaves; whereby the previous seems the most plausible. All that social media acquaintances he made on social media last week may just be a means to widen out in his scope of friendship, or just a raising of his finger to warn his bosses that his is man with a strong, individual mind.



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