StarVox Walkie-Talkie Smartwatch: Safe, easy communication even in the mountains

Getting lost in the jungle is no fun at all, and anyone would readily tell you that you would obviously need to have some sort of survival kit with you before you start on the journey, and a walkie talkie would also come in handy.

However, not all walkie talkie sets have the same good quality, which is why you might want to consider this innovative new smartwatch from the folks at L8STAR — it’s called the StarVox. The StarVox is certainly an innovation to consider if you do a whole lot of outdoor traveling and adventuring, since it intends to change the way you communicate on your trails.

The StarVox was specially made with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. You no longer need to carry around expensive as well as bulky radio equipment, or even to go through the risk of living with spotty phone connections in order to communicate. With StarVox wrapped around your wrist, you can enjoy safe and easy communication on a full-featured smartwatch with a built-in walkie-talkie.