Which laptop would be a nice gift for your mom?

There are two sorts of portable PC at the low end of the PC advertise. To start with, there are customary tablets, where the base framework has a 15.6in screen, 4GB of memory, a 500GB or 1TB hard drive, and (for the most part) a read/compose DVD drive. These machines are not exceptionally versatile and don’t have long battery life, however they carry out the employment. Current costs go from around £250 to £500.

The second sort is much similar to a netbook, though one that doesn’t meet all the netbook’s currently old details, (for example, a 1024 x 600-pixel screen). They are intended to be more slender, lighter and less expensive than customary portable workstations, and they for the most part have much better battery life. The base framework ordinarily has a 10in or 11.6in screen, 2GB of memory, and 32GB of Flash stockpiling.

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